Summer Reading

Summer Reading

District Summer Reading List & Information

Incoming 6th Grade Students

Incoming & Current Middle School Students

Incoming & Current High School Students

Directions for Incoming & Current High School Students:

  1. Open Document
  2. Open with (top center of page)
  3. Select Google Docs (from drop-down menu)
  4. Add Answers to pages 2-4
  5. Submit to ELA teacher during the week of September 9th – 13th


Additional Information for Incoming and Current High School Students:

  • The assignment is optional. If a student completes the assignment, they will receive the grade as an extra credit quiz grade. The extra quiz grade will only be applied for students who compete the summer reading assignment.
  • This assignment is in addition to any other mandatory summer reading work required for Advanced / Advanced Placement ELA courses. Advanced / Advanced Placement ELA students who complete the assignment will receive 15 extra credit points on their ELA summer reading assignment.
  • On the attached sheets, answer each question neatly and completely using at least one paragraph per question (typed responses are preferred).
  • Your response should be clear and have enough detail, so your teacher understands your reaction to this book.
  • You must include at least two meaningful direct quotes from the book, properly documented.
  • You may not chose a book that was included in your previous coursework.
  • Books must be grade level/school appropriate (books for elementary/middle school will not be accepted).
  • If questions arise, please email Mrs. Lehman: .

Bring to ELA class during the week of September 9-13, 2019.


You should be able to find many of the books on the summer reading list at the Deptford Public Library.