1st Interactive Mural at MMS! Inspired by artist Kelsey Montague and created by Mrs. Almeyda and our MMS students & staff

Inspiration & Creativity from our Art teacher:

Wings. A symbol of hope, faith, protection. “With a strong set of wings there’s nothing out of your reach”. Around age 9, my brother sent me a picture from college  of a heart with wings soaring above a city that he drew.  I immediately hung it in my room and was fascinated with the image. It’s a symbol I’ve always drawn from that day forward and one that has comforted me through the loss of loved ones. Wings have long been associated with freedom and flight. A favorite quote of mine is “ What if I fall? Oh but my darling, What if you fly!”… this year I was asked by a colleague to create a project for the whole school to participate in. Inspired by the artwork of international street artist Kelsey Montague I decided to do our own version of #whatliftsyou. Each student /staff member received a feather which they decorated with inspiring quotes and symbols that described them. With the help of my students I created this mural of wings to remind us that we are there to lift each other up, to make good decisions , and to be ready to fly”. 600+ students/staff took part in our first ever interactive/collaborative mural which was hung today in the main hallway of Monongahela Middle School. When I became an artist I set out to make my mark in this world and with the help of my amazing students I am pursuing my dream. I find it no coincidence it was hung today during the holiday season when we are all looking for a little hope, reminiscing about loved ones, and setting good intentions for the new year. These wings were inspired by so many and hope to serve as an inspiration to all who view them. #finallyearnedmywings #kelseymontague #whatliftsyou #artteachergoals #whatifyoufly

Mrs. Stephanie Almeyda
Art Teacher-MMS

Congratulations to Jared Fisher and Hanna Shein!

Congratulations to Jared Fisher who invented  Magnitweezers and is a Junior Finalist!
Jared won a 3D printer to be donated to MMS!

Congratulations to Hannah Shein who invented a Clamp Container and is a Junior Semifinalist!



My name is Deanne Bell with Future Engineers. I’m happy to share that two students from your school, Hanna Shein and Jared Fisher, were recently selected as national semifinalists in NASA and the ASME Foundation’s Two for the Crew Challenge! The challenge asked students across the country to design an object to be 3D printed on the International Space Station and Hanna and Jared’s designs rose to the top ten their age division. I wanted to make sure you knew about their accomplishments during this celebratory week.

Furthermore, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Tammy Bitting and Carolann Newman, the teachers at your school who supported participation in the challenge. Not only do you have student rockstars at your school, but teacher rockstars too. 🙂

Deanne Bell

Click to view their inventions!