Surprise Homecoming

Mrs. Fizur, AC Fizur, and children Elizabeth and Trevor

Three Deptford students received a heartwarming surprise this week in class.

Parent and Deptford resident Air Traffic Controller First Class Aaron Fizur, United States Navy, returned home early from his recent deployment to surprise his children at school.

The Fizurs and Oak Valley Principal Mr. Schilling

“We’re a family here at Oak Valley, so we really wanted to make this a special event for the students and also highlight AC Fizur for his service,” explained John Schilling, Oak Valley Principal.

Fizur surprised his children Elizabeth and Trevor at Oak Valley, and the students and staff lined the hallways for the family’s exit.

“It was such a great moment, seeing the look on her face,” recalled Shelli Jones, Pine Acres Principal. “We wanted to work together with the Fizurs to make this a memorable moment for them. This is just one way that learning, for all of us, goes beyond the classroom – we educate the whole child.”

AC Fizur with daughter Sophia in her Pine Acres class