Mayor, Students Celebrate Municipal Government

Deptford Mayor Paul Medany, members of the Township Council, and several members of the local and county government welcomed middle and high school students at the township municipal building to celebrate New Jersey Local Government Week. Municipalities across the state are celebrating the week of April 7-13 to engage citizens while celebrating the work of local government.

Mayor Medany welcoming students and explaining the format of a township council meeting

Students learned how to run a township council meeting, including procedures outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order, and had the opportunity to run their own mock meeting in the township’s ceremonial courtroom.

Township Clerk Dina Zawadski (left) explaining how a roll-call vote works
Students take the reins as Mayor Medany assists with opening the meeting

Students also learned about voting and how the elections process works and how to work the polls and even cast a vote on a new state-of-the-art touchscreen polling machine.

Students cast a vote on a brand new voting machine with assistance from Mr. John Franchetti (pictured) and Ms. Stephanie Salvatore from the Gloucester County Board of Elections

The municipal staff split students into small groups and guided them on tours to see the work of the Deptford Police Department, the mayor’s office, the office of Taxation, and other facilities. They ended the tour with a close-up look at EMS, Fire, and Police vehicles from Deptford’s finest.

Officer Kerby leads students on a tour of the police wing of the municipal building
Officer Kerby explaining the use of surveillance and the importance of chain of custody with evidence
Tax Collector Fran Iliadis (right) guides students through the tax office

“This is a great opportunity to celebrate our municipal government and educate the students about what we do,” said Deptford Mayor Paul Medany. “We need this generation to be prepared to become engaged in their municipal government or get involved in some way with their community.”

Deptford High School history teacher Ron Ruddy accompanied the students on the trip. “This is a great way to get our students out of the classroom and into the real-world, inner-workings of government and bring to life what we learn in class,” said Ruddy. “It’s one thing for students to read about this but it’s such an enriching experience to witness it firsthand. We’re very thankful for this partnership with Mayor Medany and the township.”


We would like to thank everyone at Deptford Township for including our students in this great celebration of municipal government:

The Honorable Paul Medany, Mayor of Deptford Township

Deptford Township Councilman Lamb

Deptford Township Councilman Barnshaw

Thomas Newman – Township Manager

Dina Zawadski – Deptford Township Clerk

Fran Iliadis – Tax Collector

Roseanne Foschini – Recreation

Kevin Pancoast – Chief of Police

Dawn Amos – Chief of EMS

Colleen Emmons – Township Public Relations

Rob Ritterson – Township Event Coordinator

John Franchetti & Stephanie Salvatore – Gloucester County Board of Elections

Deptford Police Department

Deptford Fire Department

Deptford EMS