Mayor Medany and Town Council Host Annual “Come Fly With Us” Event

Come Fly With Us 2019

Wednesday night saw a packed house at the Deptford Recreation Center on Montague Lane. Deptford Mayor Paul Medany emceed the event, saying “this is a great collaboration between the township and the school district.”

Mayor Medany begins the event as Councilman Love, Deputy Mayor Mr. Hufnell, and Councilman Barnshaw look on

Medany and the Deptford Township Council hosted their annual “Come Fly With Us” event celebrating Deptford’s first-in-flight history. The mayor and council created a meaningful classroom assignment for students in grades Pre-K through 9 in Deptford Township Schools, and recognized winners at the ceremony while remembering Deptford Township’s history of Jean-Pierre Blanchard’s 1793 first balloon flight in America.

Almost 150 students were recognized for their creative projects and essays submitted as part of the contest.

Student projects from the contest

Deptford Township Police Department’s “Junior” 20-foot model of its larger “First and Finest” 100-foot propane-filled hot air balloon also made an appearance.

“Junior” getting ready to go


“This is such a fantastic way to honor Deptford’s history,” explained Deptford Board of Education member Stacy Gray. “We are very appreciative of Mayor Medany and Township Council for offering this assignment to our students to keep that history alive, and for celebrating and honoring them here tonight. This is a great partnership between our government and our schools.”

Township Council members, Deptford Board of Education members, Superintendent Mr. Dietz, principals, and teachers all attended the event.

Mayor Medany, councilmen, board members, administration, and staff were all in attendance.

“I love attending these events,” recounted Joe Trombetta, 5th grade teacher at Good Intent Elementary School. “Building connections with students, meeting their families, and showing them how much we care about them, even beyond the school day, is why I love being an educator. It’s all about the kids.”