5th and 6th graders at Lake Tract Elementary School celebrated a wide range of diverse holidays and non-holidays.


The project, entirely student-conceived and student-run, allowed students to celebrate multicultural diversity by creating a variety of worldly celebrations. Students spent time during their Enrichment and Instruction (E&I) period researching a topic and decorating the hallways. Sixth graders also created a presentation of their event, and rotated among classrooms around the building to learn something new about each event.

Each classroom picked a unique event:

Mrs. Stewart – Kwanzaa

Ms. Posey & Ms. Kowalski – Myths about Snow Days

Mrs. Steen – New Year’s Eve & Day

Mrs. Contreras – Chinese New Year

Ms. Jung and Ms. Howell – Winter Wonderland

Mr. Errig and Mrs. Garwood – Hanukkah

Mrs. Ricchuiti – Christmas across the United States

Ms. DiLorenzo – Diwali

Ms. McKenna – Christmas across the world


Ms. Jung and Ms. Howell’s class added a 6th grade math “escape the room” lesson to the celebration.

“This is a great way to build excitement for learning and transition our students into the break,” said Ms. Howell. “Our students were working on perimeter, area, multi-step world problems, and plotting ordered pairs. It was wonderful to keep them so engaged in the activities and see their love of learning for what came next. The students did an amazing job – everything was collaborative and student-led.”